Ally’s Christmas Wish List

These are my top five favorite christmas wish list.

These are my top five favorite christmas wish list.


We’ve updated this list with a few fresh Ally’s Top 5 Christmas Wish Lists.

Below are my top five favorite Christmas Wish List.

This review covers Ally’s Top 5 Christmas Wish List.




My name is Ally, I am a small town girl with big city dreams. Currently a senior studying Criminal Justice at a university in PA. You will always catch me getting happy hour with friends and continuing the night on to the dancefloor. Whether it’s iced coffee or a margarita, I will always have a good drink in my hand. I love traveling the world, exploring new places and making new memories.

Pick #1

I have had this perfume in my shopping cart for a few weeks but have been procrastinating buying it. I have heard this perfume smells good and lasts all day.

Pick #2

I love getting a new pair of sneakers for Christmas, and these black and white dunks have been on my list for months. They are super popular shoes, and I can see why, they go with every outfit and are comfortable.

Pick #2

Pick #3

The Bum Bum Cream is my all time favorite lotion that I ask for every Christmas. I particularly like this set because it comes with body spray and body wash, all in travel size. I love all the scents that Sol de Janeiro has made, but this one is my favorite.

Pick #4

This lip gloss is to die for. It moisturizes, tints, and plumps your lips. The perfect lip gloss to keep in your purse for everyday use. This is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Pick #4

Pick #5

I am dying to get a new purse, and I like this one because it would go with many outfits and is a perfect size. I love designer bags and want to add Gucci to my collection.

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