Amazon finds for college living rooms


We’ve updated this list with Ally’s Amazon Finds for College Living Rooms, including items with discounted prices on their website.


Some of our recommendations are out of stock in most places. If you can find it, we still recommend it.

The living room in a college house is one of my favorite places to hangout. Since you’re in college you want to make it fun but also cute and cozy. Below are fun ideas with pops of color to give it the college feel but homey at the same time.

This review covers Ally’s Amazon Finds for College Living Rooms.

Ally Davis



My name is Ally, I am a small town girl with big city dreams. Currently a senior studying Criminal Justice at a university in PA. You will always catch me getting happy hour with friends and continuing the night on to the dancefloor. Whether it’s iced coffee or a margarita, I will always have a good drink in my hand. I love traveling the world, exploring new places and making new memories.

Pick #1

These coffee tables are adorable to furnish a college living room with but still keep the living room feeling clean and simple. A vase of flowers, a stack of books with a lit candle would go well with this table.

Pick #2

A pink rug can bring a plain basic living room to life. This would go so well with the tempered glass coffee table.

Pick #2

Pick #3

Fun simple wall decor that can bring a college living room together in a fun but still classy way! These pictures have become really popular lately and I really like them.

Pick #4

Fun pillows can always bring a room together. These are just pillow covers – so you can put them over pillows you already have on your couch and make them look brand new! These are my favorites.

Pick #4

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