Bally’s The Yard vs Caesers Wild Wild West


We’ve updated this review with some more pros and cons of both The Yard and Caesers wild wild west.

To assist the readers, Bella is listing their experience in Bally’s The Yard vs Caesers Wild Wild West. We hope you will enjoy the read

This travel guide covers comparison between Bally’s The Yard and Caesers Wild Wild West. If you’re visiting Atlantic City , please check out Bella and Lauren’s travel guide.


Bella Dipasquale

Hey Strangers,

My name is Bella, and I am a senior at a University in PA.  You can find me in Avalon, NJ  rocking my headphones (Effing:heart:them) with a hoodie or on the beach! I am always down for a good Tiktok & I love posting selfies or pictures of my friend regardless of how anyone looks (IDGAF). I never take life too seriously & I am always down to have good times.  I hope you enjoy my thoughts on how to live a healthier life by being a


Bally's The Yard

The Yard is a beer garden style indoor/outdoor bar for fun games, drinks, and food. Outside they have lounge seating with games like Connect 4 and corn hole. 


It would definitely be a fun place to go with a group! It is a super fun atmosphere and with some good live music it would definitely be a super fun place to hangout. 


During the time we went, the music wasn’t the best in our opinion, but there also weren’t a lot of people, so we definitely want to revisit for drinks and apps when there is more going on. The games were also all being played, so we didn’t have the opportunity to do that. 


The atmosphere definitely has the potential to be a super fun time, we think we just went at an awkward time.

Caesar’s Wild Wild West:

Wild Wild West makes you feel like you are in an old western town surrounded by westerns-style buildings, a rustic dance floor and  the smell of barbecue and ice cold drink always ready. 


The live music was great and they played a variety of different music genres that had everyone up on their feet dancing. There were also a bunch of different games such as Connect 4 Basketball, Pac-Man, and a Punching Bag. 


Our favorite was Connect 4 Basketball, we had a big friendly tournament. Wild Wild West also has a bunch of casino games. While waiting for Connect 4 Basketball to open up, we played some online Black Jack while having some drinks. 


There were a lot of people at Wild Wild West and they had a great atmosphere, which made it super fun. We had a great experience here!

Final Verdict:

Overall, we preferred Wild Wild West over The Yard based on this singular experience. Our number 1 deciding factor when we go out is the music, so for us, it was not hard to choose our favorite. 


We had tons of fun dancing with the live music at Wild Wild West and there were significantly more people there which we found more fun. Connect 4 Basketball was one of the highlights of Caesar’s, it is super fun to do with a group of people. 


You get the best of both worlds there, with the casino games, arcade style games, and the dancefloor. It is a much bigger place, so there is much more going on. We think we owe The Yard a second chance, as we were there as the band was arriving, so maybe if we were there a couple hours later we would’ve had more fun. 


Don’t get us wrong, it definitely has the potential to be a good time! Both of these places are worth revisiting and we look forward to going there again!

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