Best Thirsty Thursday Bars in West Chester


We’ve updated this list with all the fa best thrusday bar reviewed by Laura and Bella, including events.

To assist the readers, Lauren and Bella are listing her fav thirsty thursday bars in West Chester.  We really hope you will enjoy the read. 

This travel guide covers Best Thirsty Thursday Bars in West Chester. If you’re visiting West Chester and enjoy your thursday evening in some pub or sports, please check out Lauren and Bella’s Best Thirsty Thursday Bars in West Chester.

Lauren and Bella

Hey All,


I am Lauren, I am a senior at a university in PA. I :heart: the beach of Jerz (Avalon only Sorry Not Sorry) & Florida beaches are another one of my faves, love me some Tequila & Iced coffee(It’s a reward). I can get cozy with a good book, LuLu is what I am ab, play war with the kids I work with, expensive Purses are amazing, and I love dancing with my friends (my hips don’t lie).

I hope you enjoy my articles are



Hey Strangers,

My name is Bella, and I am a senior at a University in PA.  You can find me in Avalon, NJ  rocking my headphones (Effing:heart:them) with a hoodie or on the beach! I am always down for a good Tiktok & I love posting selfies or pictures of my friend regardless of how anyone looks (IDGAF). I never take life too seriously & I am always down to have good times.  I hope you enjoy my thoughts on how to live a healthier life by being a


Our Pick

Jake's Bar

At number 1 we have Jake’s Bar. It has been a West Chester staple for the past 80 years and was voted Barstools Best College Bar in 2021. You really cannot get a better deal anywhere else, Jake’s is the cheapest place you can go, with the best bartenders. The environment is super fun and friendly, everybody is always having a good time. Jake’s is the definition of a dive-bar, which is what makes it so fun.

Our Pick

Coming in 2nd, we have Ryan’s Pub. Ryans is one of our favorite bars in West Chester for Thirsty Thursday and just any day. It is a crowd favorite during the warmer seasons because you can hang out on the rooftop with $3 well drinks. Ryan’s also has some of the best bartenders in town. Anyone and everyone comes here for Thirsty Thursday.

Our Pick

Our Pick

Kildares is another fun bar to hit on the weekend. It’s an old Irish pub with just good bar vibes. It is always a good time, but we especially love going on Sundays for karaoke night. Have a few drinks and you will be grabbing the microphone before you know it!

Our Pick

Barnabys is a sports bar that’s always a great place to go for a good time. They have multiple bars, on many different levels, as well as a bar outside. Our personal favorite spot to be at Barnabys is outside during the warmer months. There is always a decent crowd and always a good time!

Our Pick

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