Halloweekend! College Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the best going-out weekends in college is the weekend that Halloween falls, also known as Halloweekend! No matter what your holiday plans are, finding the perfect College Halloween costume is essential.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of fun and affordable costume ideas that are perfect for college students who want to show off their style on a budget! 

A lot of these costumes are for duos or a group, but you can also improvise if you wanted to go solo!

Halloweekend! College Halloween Costume Ideas

Solo, Duo, or Group College Halloween Costumes

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Playboy Bunnies

This classic, iconic look features a sleek one-piece bodysuit with bunny ears, a bowtie, and a fluffy tail. You can find Playboy Bunny costumes at costume shops, and online retailers, or even try your luck at thrift stores for a more budget-friendly option.


This is a great idea for a group costume, and there are so many different options if you have a big group of friends! I did this last year and it was so fun- we all dressed for different holidays (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, easter, St Patties, Halloween, and Fourth of July) and chose our own outfits!


For a costume idea that’s both heavenly and devilish, consider going as an angel or a devil. You can easily create these looks with a white dress and angel wings or a red dress and devil horns.

Add accessories like a halo or pitchfork to complete your outfit. Many costume stores offer angel and devil accessories separately, making it easy to mix and match. Perfect for a duo!


Transform into your favorite Disney princess with a costume that can be found in stores, online, or even as DIY projects. From Cinderella’s ball gown to Belle’s golden dress, there are countless options to choose from.

I did this a few years ago, and my entire costume was stuff I found in my closet! This option is also great for a solo costume, duo, or a big group!

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Firefighters and Cops

Another perfect solo, duo, or group option! These costumes are often available at costume shops and online retailers such as Amazon or Shein!  Accessorize with toy handcuffs, a badge, or a firefighter’s hat to complete the look.

Race Car Driver

Speed into the Halloween party as a race car driver. A simple black or checkered print jumpsuit with patches and racing logos, paired with a racing helmet and goggles is the perfect outfit for this costume! Check out costume stores or online retailers for this costume.


Nurse costumes are a classic choice for Halloween, and they’re relatively easy to put together!  Look for white dresses or scrubs, add a nurse’s cap, and carry a toy stethoscope for that authentic touch. You can find these items at any costume store or online!

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Costumes Based on TV Shows

Serena and Blair

Gossip Girl fans, this one’s for you! If you need the perfect blonde and brunette duo, dress up as the dynamic duo Serena and Blair for a chic and stylish Halloween look. Raid your closet for preppy outfits, designer accessories, and Blair’s signature headbands. Don’t forget to perfect their signature hairstyles!

“The Vampire Diaries” Characters 

Embrace your inner vampire by channeling Elena Gilbert, Carolina Forbes, Bonnie Bennett, or Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries. These costumes typically include a flowing dress, vampire fangs, and perhaps some fake blood for added effect. You can find these costumes at costume shops or online retailers.

Hannah and Lily  

Bring the best of both worlds to your Halloween look by going as Hannah Montana and her best friend, Lily Truscott. For Hannah’s look, you’ll need a blonde wig, a glitzy outfit, and a microphone prop.

For Lily, opt for a more casual and laid-back style. These costumes can be put together with items from your own wardrobe or by shopping at thrift stores for retro-inspired clothing.

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