Emory’s Top Three Favorite UGG Shoes

Here are some Christmas list products recommendation. This review covers the Top 5 Emory’s Christmas List

Here are some Christmas list products recommendation. This review covers the Top 5 Emory’s Christmas List


We’ve updated this list with a few fresh Emory’s top 3 favorite UGG Shoes

UGGs are my all-time favorite shoes to wear through the fall and winter seasons. They have been a staple in my closet since I was seven, and I am so happy that they are back in style! Here are my favorite UGG boots and slippers that I purchased this year.

This review covers the Top 3 Emory’s Favorite UGG Shoes




My name is Emory (Em), and I am currently a senior at a University in Pennsylvania. I like to consider myself a Jersey girl because of my big and loud personality even if I only go a handful of times per year. I thrive off of being with friends, exploring new places, and being as spontaneous as I can. On the weekends you can find me with a sangria in my right hand and a margarita in the left. I absolutely love socializing and will never miss a night out on the town. I hope you enjoy my articles!

Pick #1

The mini boot is a great versatile boot because you can dress it up or down with any outfit. I usually wear them with leggings, a cute hoodie, and a vest. I love how they bring back the look of the classic 2000’s boot in a mini version. You can’t go wrong with the mini boots because they are comfortable, cute, and cozy.

Pick #2

I received the UGG slippers as a birthday present, and I never knew I needed them until I wore them out. They are the softest shoes I have ever worn and keep your feet warm all day. These slippers are great for wearing outside the house because the sole is thick and comfortable to walk in. I have them in rose grey and love how they stand out from the rest of my slipper collection.

Pick #2

Pick #3

The Scuff Sis slippers are adorable, and I wear them all day long around the house and to run quick errands. They are fun shoes to slip on because they are fluffy and stylish. I buy a new pair every year because they get worn, but I refuse to take them off my feet. Everyone should have a pair of these slippers because they are to die for!

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