Going To Class Outfits

Going To Class Outfits

As the start of the new school year approaches, there is so much to plan for. Packing and shopping may seem so overwhelming, but there is one aspect of this that shouldn’t be! One of the most fun things for me during this process was planning and shopping for class outfits.

College life is pretty demanding, and striking the balance between style and comfort can be a challenge.

A blend of comfy-cute attire offers the perfect solution, ensuring that you feel confident in your style but still comfortable going from class to class.

Comfort is hands down the most important thing when it comes to going to college, especially if you have super early classes! Here are a few different class outfit ideas!!

First Week of Going To Class Outfits

The first week of going to Class Outfits for college is all about making a great impression and setting the tone for the semester.

It’s the time when you’re eager to meet new friends, establish connections with professors, and get acquainted with college life.

You may want to dress up slightly more than usual! For me, this helped boost my confidence going into new classes, especially my first semester! Pair a casual pair of jeans or shorts with a nicer top, or even a casual romper or dress.

Go for a natural yet cute makeup look, and do something simple with your hair. If you want to dress yourself up a bit more, throw some cute jewelry on or wear a cute bag!

Make sure to wear the class outfit with comfortable shoes, as most college students do a ton of walking going to and from classes.

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White top & begie pants

Green romper


Brown top

Green pants

Now that the first week is over, and you are somewhat settled into your new schedule, it is more than likely that you will want to start dressing more comfortably, especially for those early classes.

Some of my favorite outfit options were athleisure, some cute sweat sets, or sometimes a cuter top with some comfy flowy pants. My go-to shoes were my AirForces, or in the winter my UGG minis or UGG slippers!


Athleisure is an amazing option for going to class, it is comfortable but still cute and has you looking and feeling put together.

If you have something to do directly after class, whether it is going to the gym or meeting a friend, this outfit is perfect for almost any situation!

Note- These are all things I actually own and wore in college! Amazon is one of my favs for athleisure shopping! The black jumper is such a staple in my closet, it is so easily dressed up or down!

I would wear it as is, sometimes with a zip-up sweatshirt, or even pair it with a nicer pair of jeans or pants and a cute cardigan! It was also super helpful to have for some party themes! (more about going-out outfits coming soon!!) I 100% recommend it!

Black jumper

Pink shorts

Workout set(they have soo many colors available!)

Tennis skirt

Comfy- Cute

Most days, you will likely be tired and not want to put together a whole nice class outfit or do your hair and makeup. However, there are still so many comfortable class outfit options that will have you feeling put together, comfortable, and cute all at the same time.

Sweat Sets

Sweat sets were one of my absolute favorite things to wear in college. They consider literally no effort, they are always so comfortable, and they are cute! A simple matching set makes me feel so much more put together than a random sweatshirt paired with a pair of sweats. Depending on the climate of your school, there are different sets!

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Grey sweat set

Tan matching set

Pink set

Blue set


Some things that helped me navigate college just a bit easier when it came to style go as follows:

-I always made sure to plan my Class outfit the night before, even if it was something like a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

I was the type to wake up 20 minutes before 8 AM, and setting out my outfit the night before gave me extra time in the morning and saved me from running around my room trying to scramble together an outfit. 

NOBODY is judging you based on your class outfit. This is something that took me a bit of time to understand, but literally, no one in college is paying much attention to it, let alone judging your class outfit! I have seen people wear things from business attire to pajamas to class, and I’ve never really thought twice about it!

Look good= feel good! However, if you are like me you feel 10x better when you are confident in how you look. If I knew I had a big test or speech in a class, I’d dress just a little nicer or put some makeup on just to give myself a little bit of a confidence boost.

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