How to Survive the Holidays Away From Home

Last year was my first year really living on my own. Not only living on my own but living over nine hundred miles from home.

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Holidays Away From Home

The season looked very different for me. I still traveled home for the holidays, but the weeks leading up to it seemed different. After my first year, I was not going to allow myself to have another mediocre holiday season. If I want to make it special I would have to do it for myself, and so I am. Here are a few things I am implementing this year to embrace the season while being away from home. 

Decorate the House 

This seems so simple because it is!!! I didn’t realize all that went into making a house a home. My Mom did a great job with that. The holidays always felt so magical growing up. I would come home from school one day and the house magically turned into a winter wonderland. This was always so special to me. Decorating the house makes a huge difference. We have only put up a few decorations so far but it already feels so much more like home. 

Switch your Smells 

Now, this seems obvious but who doesn’t love a holiday-scented candle? My favorite way to bring in the upcoming season is to get a new candle. This is a very simple and inexpensive way to enjoy the holidays. My favorite Christmas scent is Holiday Balsam which just smells like a freshly cut Christmas tree sitting in the middle of the house. 

Make a Plan 

It is so easy to get caught up in the motions from day to day. This year I challenge you to pick a day and plan out a whole day with your favorite holiday activities. Check out my ‘Holiday Date Idea’ post if you need some help picking out what to do. 

Call Your Family 

Family is the thing I miss the most about being away from home. If you have to be away from your family this holiday season try to make it a point to schedule Facetime calls or just make sure you are reaching out to your family. I will be going home for Christmas this year but I still think it is important to stay in touch with my family leading up to when I will actually get to see them. 


If this is your first year away from home for the holidays, don’t stress. I know it can seem very sad and lonely but try to take this as an opportunity to start creating your own traditions and do the things that make you feel the happiest. Before you know it you will have a family of your own and you will be the one hosting big holiday dinners and parties. Enjoy every season of life, even if it is challenging you to do new things.

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