My Experience having a Breast Augmentation

Hi! Here is my story on why I chose to have a breast augmentation and how the surgery and recovery went. I hope this helps anyone who is deciding whether or not to go through with this type of surgery.

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My name is Emory (Em), and I am currently a senior at a University in Pennsylvania. I like to consider myself a Jersey girl because of my big and loud personality even if I only go a handful of times per year. I thrive off of being with friends, exploring new places, and being as spontaneous as I can. On the weekends you can find me with a sangria in my right hand and a margarita in the left. I absolutely love socializing and will never miss a night out on the town. I hope you enjoy my articles!


My Experience having a Breast Augmentation

Let me start with the main reason I decided to go through with breast augmentation surgery. In high school I lost a substantial amount of weight and the first place I lost it was my chest. I was always insecure about my weight and after losing it I became extremely insecure about the other features I lost along the way. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin and felt less confident not being able to wear the bras that once fit me. I always dreamed about having the surgery but never thought it would be possible for me until I was much older. I would do anything to make them look bigger from wearing the most padded push up bras to literally taping them together with duct tape to make them appear bigger. 


Once Covid-19 hit I was sent home from college and I decided to work full time nannying since I had all this time on my hands. I made it my goal to save up as much as I could so that I could have the surgery I dreamed about. During my sophomore year I was finally able to take the next steps. I met with the plastic surgeon in January and was qualified to schedule the surgery. I wanted to make sure I scheduled it at a time that I would be able to take it easy so I chose to have it at the end of the summer in the beginning of August. 


The months flew by and before I knew it I was preparing for my surgery coming up. I had a ton of support from my friends and family because they knew it was something I always wanted to do after my weight loss. My best friend drove me to the hospital where my doctor performs all his surgeries. I was put under general anesthesia and the surgery took around one hour. I chose saline implants with a small incision under my breast. I took all the pain meds that I was prescribed and the overall surgery and recovery was relatively painless.  I took the next week off to lay in bed and relax. The first three days were the hardest and I relied on my family to help me out of bed, shower, and change. I was expecting the whole experience to be a lot worse. 


It took around three months for my breasts to drop and form into their shape but I could not be happier with the results. I finally feel confident with my body and I would tell anyone who is considering a breast augmentation to do what feels right for them. There is so much backlash on this surgery and people will make comments on why you did it. My biggest advice is to ignore what others say and do your own research and consultations with a variety of surgeons who know best. 

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