Places We Want to Go in Vegas


We’ve updated this list with all the new places we want to explore.


We will be visiting Las Vegas for the first time in October and here are a couple places we want to go!

This travel guide covers places Bella want to go in Vegas. We hope you will enjoy the read


Hey Strangers,

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Place #1

The High Roller is a massive ferris wheel at The Strip. You are able to see 360 degree views of the city and have drinks, so we think this would be a super unique experience and something touristy to do since it is our first time there! It would be super cool to do it at dusk to see everything all lit up.

Place #2

The Barbershop is a speakeasy in the Cosmopolitan where you can get a haircut or have some drinks! From what I’ve read it feels like you transport back to a different era with the way it is furnished and all of the detail they put into it. This place is also known for some of the best whiskey and live music, we are super excited to try it out.

Place #2

Place #3

Another place on our list of things to do is The Ghost Donkey. It is a hidden tequila bar, located in the Cosmopolitan. Tequila is our favorite, so it is only right we go on an adventure to try and find a hidden tequila bar. The Ghost Donkey has a large variety of different fun drinks and we have done our fair share of stalking on their social media, so I think it is just somewhere we have to try.

Place #4

A bar made entirely out of ice, may be one of the coolest things we have ever heard of. I am unsure of where else we would ever be able to do something like this, so it is definitely something we want to check out. It is basically one huge winter wonderland, they give you a jacket and gloves and even the glasses for your drinks are made out of ice!

Place #4

Place #5

Place #5

The Wicked Spoon is one of our picks for brunch. This place is a buffet style restaurant that has breakfast, brunch and lunch. The Wicked Spoon also has various bottomless beverages such as mimosas, champagne, bloody marys and even Bud Light Draft. Which we will definitely be getting! We have heard good things about the Wicked Spoon, so we want to try it out ourselves!

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