Rachel’s Holiday Wish List

Below is my top favorite holiday wish list​. This review covers the Rachel’s Top 5 Holiday Wish List​

Below is my top favorite holiday wish list​. This review covers the Rachel’s Top 5 Holiday Wish List​


We’ve updated this list with a few fresh Rachel’s Top 5 Holiday Wish List​.

Holiday season is here and we have the top 5 Holiday wish list by Rachel.

This review covers Rachel’s Top 5 Holiday Wish List.


Hey Yo,


My name is Rachel & I am a senior at a university in Florida. I am a South Jerz Beach girl who never met a sunny day she didn’t :heart: . You can find me on the beach, smiling, surfing, or shooting my spidey web. I am always down for group beers or a live band that makes you wanna move. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on Radundergrad.com.



Pick #1

Hoka’s, in my opinion, are the best running shoes in the market at the moment. I have had two pairs already and I absolutely adore them. They are so cushiony and comfortable that I feel like I could walk for days in them. The pair I currently have are bright orange so I wanted to get a neutral pair so they would match more outfits. The new Eggnog/Shifting Sand color is to die for!!!

Pick #2

As much as I love my Starbucks and my daily coffee shop trips, I find that I am spending so much money that I do not need to be spending. With an espresso machine, I can save money by making my own coffee and I can even have fun creating new recipes and getting creative. Look out for an Espresso Martini recipe if Santa comes through with this one!

Pick #2

Pick #3

Perfume is always a great thing to add to the wish list. I know I never think to get more perfume until I am completely out. Having an extra bottle of perfume on deck would be so helpful whether it is for traveling, on the go, or just to have as a backup. My current favorite is J’Adore Parfum D’Eau by Dior.

Pick #4

Painting has become a fun hobby for me over the past couple of months. However, paint and canvases can add up quite quickly. I found that amazon has a really great art kit that includes pretty much anything and everything you will need to paint and create.

Pick #4

Pick #5

I would be beyond thrilled with any version of the iRobot Roomba Vacuums. Since getting a kitten it is hard to keep the floors swept at all times. I feel like having a Roomba would make life so much easier because it could just be scheduled to go off every night or morning. It feels silly to be asking for a vacuum for Christmas but I guess that is adulting right?

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