Top 5 Amazon Must-Haves for your Kitten​


We’ve updated this list with a few fresh Rachel’s picks, including her fav amazon product for pets.

This summer I got a new best friend. One of my friends was walking my dog and came across a black and white kitten in a tree. The rest is history. Meet Gordon.


Hey Yo,


My name is Rachel & I am a senior at a university in Florida. I am a South Jerz Beach girl who never met a sunny day she didn’t :heart: . You can find me on the beach, smiling, surfing, or shooting my spidey web. I am always down for group beers or a live band that makes you wanna move. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on



Pick #1

Gordon absolutely loves his cactus. We placed it next to the window so he is able to relax on the flower and look out of the window. I am not a huge fan of how cat posts typically look, so I love this one since it looks cute in the house.

Pick #2

The dreaded litter box. Yuck. I did some searching before moving back to school and decided to buy this litter box that looks like a planter. I am very happy with my decision. The lid helps with the smell of the litter and you cannot even tell it is a litter box.

Pick #2

Pick #3

This toy was my saving grace moving down to school with Gordon. We had a 15 hour car ride so I gave this to him right before we left so he could play with it in the car. This toy has become his absolute favorite. It is a fun toy to play with him because you can slingshot it down the hall and play fetch.

Pick #4

These cherry cat food bowls are adorable. They fit the aesthetic of our house perfectly. The lower edge of the bowls are also helpful to help him eat without hitting his whiskers. 10/10 love these!

Pick #5

These are Mr. Gordon’s favorite treats. We are attempting to teach him tricks so these treats are the perfect reward.

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