Where to Take your Parents when they Visit you at College

We all know the feeling of parents coming to visit at College. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing for you there are some classic things you can do to fill your day and also make your parents happy.

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Where to Take your Parents when they Visit you at College

I know for me when my Mom first came to visit she loved when I showed her around because she could now picture all the places I talk about when I am on the phone with her.


Parents want to make sure you are safe and taken care of. My best advice would be to clean your house or apartment before they come so they know you are happy and healthy in your living situation and get a good night’s sleep. Trust me, this will make your Mom happy. 


Campus! I’m sure you and your parents did some type of campus tour when you committed to your college. However, now you can be the tour guide! Show them what buildings your classes are in and where you hang out with friends on campus. 


Next your parents are obviously going to want to see the environment you are growing in. This would be a great time to take them downtown of your city or wherever you spend most of your free time. 

By now you probably have worked up an appetite. Take them to your favorite lunch spot! Order your favorite dishes and drinks. 


Parents coming into town can be very overwhelming. But remember: they love you!! They just want to see you and how your life is progressing. Be patient and kind. And don’t forget to have them fill your fridge!! 

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